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Apparel industry model hopefully meets India’s demand of job creations


Comparison between Reliance Industries and Shahi exports explains India’s job creation challenge in best possible manner.

RIL has reportedly $110 billion of assets and 250,000 employees across various verticals of the company. So it employs 5 workers for every $2.2 million of its assets. Shahi exports being India’s largest exporter of apparels, has assets worth $185 million and it employs 106,000 workers in its apparel factories. Hence it employs 1,260 workers for every $2.2 million in assets. Hence Shahi exports create 252 times more jobs than RIL.

Types of jobs created by Shahi exports are what India wants the most at present times. They can even employ a less educated worker, impart them necessary training and get them employ in their organization. The average income of these workers is Rs. 15,000 per month. About 60% of the employees are women.

In apparel industry a modest amount of investment is required and the demand for it persists. In the year 2015, the total apparel export market was of $465 billion. At that time India exported $18 billion, whereas China exported apparels worth $175 billion. Higher wages in China is now forcing them to withdraw from this market. Its apparel exports have fallen to $158 billion in 2016. India should fill in the space that China is vacating.

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