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Artificial fibers gaining more popularity among garment production house


The ever-changing fashion world is demanding man-made fibers more. The demand has escalated in the past few years. Fibers like viscose, Tencel, polyester, etc are required more than cotton to come up with latest fashion items.

Bangladesh has imported over 78,208 tons of staple polyester fiber in 2016. The figure is up by 11.39% than the previous year. The data has been confirmed by Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA).

Monsoor Ahmed, Secretary, BTMA, said “The import of man-made fibre is increasing every year.”

Viscose has an import amount of approx 29,000 tons last year. Razeeb Haider, Managing Director, Outpace Spinning Mills Ltd, depicts that the demand particularly depends on the buyer’s choice of garments. For the past few years, the demand for cotton has reduced and that of artificial fiber has increased.

The durability of the items made of artificial fibers is higher than cotton. Even if the items are not washed for a considerable period of time, the clothes will not go bad.

The rise of smart fashion items has increased the demand for such man-made fibers. Despite the growth of demand for artificial fibers, cotton is still the favorite fabric for the spinners.

The polyester producing mills rose to 52 from 12 whereas viscose mills rose to 45 within few years. The artificial yarn and the cotton yarn ratio have increased to 20:80 from 10:90. The balance is continuously tilting towards the artificial fibers.

Abdullah Al Mahmud Mahin, Managing Director, Hamid Fabrics Ltd said that many Taiwanese and Chinese investors have shown their interest to build more mills to produce man-made fabrics. 

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