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Chinese Fashion Industry to Abolish Fur Usage


With the high end global fashion brands like Gucci, Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo going fur free in the recent years, the movement has gained new attention in China. Top fashion industry representatives met in Shanghai and discussed elaborately the present situation of fur industry in China.

The Sustainable and Fur Free Fashion Forum included eminent personalities like Chinese Courier Grace Chen and designers Michael Wong and Tiffany Pattinson. The solution is simple: If a brand needs fur in their products there is no reason to kill animals for that. Faux fur can always be used which serves the purpose quite well. However, for the animal rights activists the situation is not as simple as China accounts for 80 per cent of the global fur trade.

The awareness of animal welfare is low and there is little understanding among the consumers regarding where furs come from. Many customers associate fur with luxury and status symbol. On top of that due to huge volumes of animals being farmed fur is widely available at rather cheap rates. But with the changing attitude of the world, experts opine that usage of fur can be detrimental to the brands. People all over the world are now interested regarding the source of the material of their clothes.

With the simultaneous vegan movements and other animal rights issues being widely discussed in other parts of the world, it is expected that the Chinese people will also start questioning the humanity of usage of animal fur. Keeping all these in mind, Chinese fashion industries are soon to ban fur from use


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