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Chinese Woven Fabric Maker Changzhou Edelweiss Printing and Dyeing Co Ltd. Are All Set To Do Business In Bangladesh


Changzhou Edelweiss Printing and Dyeing Co Ltd, a Chinese Woven Fabric maker has been doing good business in its Bangladesh domain, said Md Ibrahim Khalil, a representative of the company. In his words, the market is Bangladesh is highly promising thus helping it to enjoy full growth in the last 3 years. He also added that the company sells about 5million yards of woven fabric amounting $12million every month.

Khalil who was engaged in a discussion with The Daily Star at the Winter Edition of 13th Dhaka International Yarn and Fabric Show, 2018 also said that taking part in this type of shows help the firm to grow quickly. Other two exhibitions, The 30th Dye + Chem Bangladesh 2018 International expo ad Second Dhaka Int’l Denim Show, 2018 are also organized on the same premises. The 4day long fair began on 31st January, 2018.

Over the years, this firm gained prominence selling cotton blended stretched woven fabrics in the country. Thanks to the growing demand from the international brands and retailers for demanding this fabric in tons. The company office situated in Dhaka involved with bringing products to Bangladesh from China was inaugurated 5 years ago by Khalil. In his words, the political stability within the country has worked wonder for the business to attain rapid growth within the country. It is believed that the firm will continue to enjoy its growth if this stability remains.

International brands and retailers thoroughly examine the prevailing political scenario prior to placing their work orders to any firm in Bangladesh and the present year is highly crucial for the brands, retailers as well as manufacturers. 

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