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Colorjet is establishing a strong hold in Egypt with digital fabric printers


Colorjet is a reputed manufacturer of digital printers in India. They have now come up with establishment of digital textile printers in Egypt. To achieve and proper awareness they are going for different campaigns in Tex fair and Egypt stitch where they are making people aware of digital fabric printers.

Colorjet is offering various type os digital textile printers in as many as 12 variants. Solutions are offered with different print heads that are appropriate for different sorts of ink. The printing width is kept at 320 centimetres and the machine is made by reliable engineering and best design.

Colorjet not only provides you with world class products but also gives you every sort of assistance needed after you own the product. If you are a Colorjet customer, then you must know how support ad what professional service you have received. You are promised and granted best expert knowledge and professional service on time.

Colorjet is confident to find a stable position in Egypt as their each digital product is efficient and best. Since 2004 they are gaining good name and earned enough respect. Colorjet is a government registered company and has received various achievements and honour from the government.

With great knowledge and technology each printer is made which makes it the perfect choice for fabric printing. Colorjet is the only brand which uses least energy resources and water as they believe in the conservation process. They work to make operational carbon footprint of various digital printers kept at minimum.


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