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Customers make a comeback to the retail stores


After five long years of e-shopping, customers have finally realized that value of retail shopping. They are back with a bang! After a long time of ‘discounted-buys’, the customers are now returning to the stores in search of fresh products. According to some retailers, the customers are happy to buy full-priced products of brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, US Polo and others.

According to various sources, there has been a considerable rise in the sales during the peak seasons as compared to the ‘end-of-season’ sales. Despite of discounts offered by e-shops, the customers are reluctant to go back to ‘stale’ fashion. They have finally begun to appreciate ‘fresh’ fashion – the sales statistics are a proof of that.

According to sources, the revenue collected from discounted products has dropped to staggering 60% from 90% in the recent years. This has been welcomed by the retailers as they have doubled their efforts in stacking their stores with the newest and popular collections.

It appears that, there has been demand for fresh products even during the end of season sales. That is just incredible! This change was much anticipated by the market experts. This has happened due to the same and boring fashion that the online stores have been feeding the customers for over five years now. It was easier to do so under the tag of ‘discount’. People have finally opened their eyes to praise the new collections. This has proved beneficial to the brands as well as the retailers.


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