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Dutch- German Partnership Lends Focus Over Sustainable Textiles


An agreement has been signed between the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textiles and The German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles to support firms with the implementation of due diligence by effective harmonization of sustainability requirements. This cooperation will enhance the influence upon labor rights along with the environment of the countries engaged in the production.

While the German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles constituting unions, standard organizations, non government organizations, the federal government and companies is a multiple-actor partnership, the former i.e. The Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile Sector is one working on the transition of responsible, sustainable international supply and production chains. This association was initially announced in Paris at the OECD for demonstrating the prominence of diligence approach of OECD and The UN for these initiatives.

Keeping in concern the challenge being faced by the global textile supply chains, the cooperation among the Textiles Partnership and Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile is looked upon as the best approach for achieving permanent systematic change. According to Dr Juergen Janssen, the head of Secretariat, Partnership for Sustainable Textiles; in the process of joining international and European action, proper alignment of tools and sustainability requirements is considered a major milestone.

This agreement is looked upon as an essential step towards boosting up the textile sector. Many important European textile firms have requested for alignment of the national textile initiatives. The German and the Dutch agreement will continue offering clear guidance for the business to draw better results not just for the state of the industry but also for the lives of the employees. 

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