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Egyptian religious authorities oppose ripped jeans trend


Egyptian religious authorities have given the statement that ripped jeans should not be worn, stating the fashion trend as offensive and hurtful looking at religious perspective of the country.

The state-run Dar al-Ifta issued the religious diktat in a Facebook post.

"Your clothes should cover your private parts and provide beautification for your body. Do not offend us with that which hurts our eyes and minds," the religious establishment said in the post, with an image of a man wearing torn jeans.

"This is a general statement not aimed only towards men. The picture is of a man because we cannot post a picture of a woman with ripped clothes," it added, responding to a Facebook user.

The fatwa is issued in the midst of controversy in Egypt over the fashion trend of wearing pre-ripped clothing. Last month, a lawyer advocated raping of a woman who wears revealing clothes, calling it a "national duty" to do so.

Nabih al-Wahsh, a prominent conservative in Egypt, said in a televised debate that women who wear jeans ripped at the thigh and back deserved to be sexually assaulted.

Since decades Egyptian women have complained of widespread sexual harassment in the country, for which the government has been trying to work with tougher laws framed against public harassment. 

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