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GCCI is expected to replicate the Amul model in textile industry


With a thought of ensuring good monetary returns for the stakeholders across the various chains of textiles, the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and industry have decided to copy the Amul cooperative model in the very textile sector. GCCI specialists expects that this particular adaption to higher the value in the state which would export the low valuable products and imports the exclusive expensive goods.

A sharp decrease in land holding of the farmers is resulting to a huge decline of productivity and this increases the costs. President of GCCI adds that if productivity can be increased and the cost can be reduced by bringing farmers unity, then the resources can be used up optimally. Gujarat accounts for the closure to 33 percent of the whole Indian cotton production, but is lagged behind in manufacturing the various value added goods. The states production of cotton is around 570 kg, as opposed to the 2000kg per hectare in Australia and 1200kg per hectare for china. Value addition will increase states earning by 10 times.

Global summit organized by the GCCI in collaboration with the Maskati cloth market mahajan, aims to bring in achievements in the various intangible aspects. It provides a very good opportunity and chance for the different networking exhibitors, over 1000 governmental officials and delegates. Global summit 2018 is a three day venture, which will be held from 4th may to 6th may 2018. It provides a very common platform for the various chains of textiles to deliberate the vision of the industry.

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