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Laser emitting fabric providing excellent treatment for skin diseases


The team of scientists of Texinov Medical Textiles, France, has invented a apparel that emits laser. It is a ground-breaking innovation that can be used to treat various types of skin lesions or diseases. The results were pretty impressive. Further research can lead to a lot of development in this segment.

This wearable laser-emitting fabric is one of the best devices that offer the quickest eradication of sin conditions such as lesions, actinic keratosis, acne, and psoriasis. It is a non-invasive and pain-free treatment that provides an economical solution. It takes a 2.5-hours appointment to treat the above-mentioned diseases.

This fabric is designed by Fluxmedicare with PHOS-ISTOS, a European health association. The operation is not complicated at all. The affected area is covered by a photosensitizer cream. After the application, the affected area is then wrapped by the laser fabric. The optical fibers, intricately woven in the fabric, emit light that promotes the reaction between the atmospheric oxygen and the photosensitizer cream. The reaction takes place only after the cream is absorbed into the skin.

Dr. Nadege Boucard, General Manager R&D, Texinov Medical Textiles, said, “Fluxmedicare is unprecedented in the field of treating skin conditions. Since the lighting textile wraps around the unique, individual contours of a patient, the emitted light in our device is the same at every part of the body under treatment, meaning the beams are homogenous.”

Previously, Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) used a flat pane from where light was blasted upon a patient. In most cases, the patients suffered from pain and skin redness. This new technique does not impart any pain. The patients were extremely relaxed during the treatment. 

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