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Local brands lose customers as Indian and Pakistani Clothes flood Bangladesh’s market


A growing trend for imported clothes from India and Pakistan is being observed in Bangladesh’s markets this Aidilfitri. With the summit of the sales season approaching in Aidilfitri, it is quite disappointing for the local cloth manufacturers as consumers are deviating towards imported clothes for their better quality at a much lower price.

Catering mostly to the female consumers, imported clothes in form of Salwar suits mainly come from India and Pakistan. Female customers prefer imported suits for their better design within the desirable price range. What retailers are doing is that they are visiting India, and on their return-trip, are carrying handfuls of clothing products to sell in their shops.

The same scenario of foreign apparel dominance over the indigenous ones are seen in all kind of markets, with about 50% of the total stock being imports. The local garments, which are often made out of costly cotton fabrics, are pushing away possible customers towards the cheaper variants in from of foreign apparels. Also, the lack of trust in the local companies is prompting the customers to shift.

Although the local brands are showing a steady growth over time, is it slow due to the competition it is facing from the imports. Sales are expected to show a boost as the season progresses. To cope up with this, some local brands are even importing clothes from India to meet the demands of the customers.

Hence, it can be stated that imported clothes are creating a monopoly in Bangladesh’s market.

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