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Maharashtra announced 115 cotton growing tehsils to set up textile mills


The government of Maharashtra is taking a step forward to boost the textile industry in the state by declaring 115 tehsils as the ‘cotton growing’ sections in the state. The representative of the state government told this benevolent step to the press on 30th August 2018.

This step is majorly taken by the state government so as to increase the focus and attention towards the cotton cultivation done in these designated areas. The crop growth is facing a huge turmoil as the farmers are underpaid. The lack of enthusiasm in the next generation to become farmers is also a reason. The issues like growth of crops, supply, storage, processing, etc will also be taken care of.

The 115 tehsils are spread in 18 districts of Vidarbha, Marathwada, and North Maharashtra. The official said, "Following the identification of tehsils, the state will collect data on how much cotton is produced and locally used by textile units. If less than 50 percent of cotton produced in a tehsil is locally used, the government will promote setting up a textile unit there." He added “"This will benefit farmers, who would get a local buyer for their cotton produce. The cost of transportation will also be less as most of the cotton required by the textile unit would be available locally."

As per the study, a textile mill requires near about 5000 tons cotton annually. The state is planning to create a mill in every tehsil that produces about 9600 tons every year. The distance of the mill and the tehsils will be reduced. The middlemen will be cut down to provide direct profits to the farmers.

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