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Nigeria accuses china for the degrading condition of textile industries


Nigeria farmers accuse china for creating issues which collapse the total textile industry. The market is filled with Nigeria labeled and the smuggled goods. Allegation was made by managing director of Arewa cotton and Allied products limited. .

Achimugu, while holding the various short ends of globalization gets lost in the potential struggle. It was believed that Nigerian operations would fail to compete. Similarly, china is a developed market gaining control over small rivals like Africa, America and Asia. He exclaimed that the cotton and the textile industry are filled with predicaments of different types and various origins. In spite of the various challenges Africa faces, it gives various opportunities. It is the land of food and the non-food goods. It is a necessary step to boost up African cotton industry.

Chinese fabrics are now labeled as Nigerian made and sold in open free trade. The fabric industry is totally a non- oil sector which gives employment opportunities to huge. Varied economic activities, strategies are witnessed. In Africa textile industry is a blessing after South Africa.

Vibrant seed sub-sector needs to be focused on and there was no such need to go on with fundamental reforms. Cotton has various demands such as long fibre, proper resistant seeds and proper weather. Various public- private partnerships are taken which would give solutions that affect the growth of cotton. Biotechnology is given priority which allows increase in cotton production. Adoption of the Bt cotton has majorly helped China, India and USA. 

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