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Nigerian cotton textiles take a bold step in the case of cotton imports


The Nigerian cotton textiles were in grave danger when foreign investors decided to import cotton in the country. This was met with a huge protest from The Cotton Ginners Association of Nigeria.  According to the sources, the president of the association is strongly against this idea. He says that allowing foreign investors to import cotton would simply kill the local industries.

This proposal was brought in by some of foreign investors planning to invest in the Nigerian garment and textile industry. They wanted to import cotton from their own countries in order to ensure a steady feed to these industries. This was proposed as a condition under which the investments were supposed to proceed. Furthermore, they wanted to ensure the quality and quantity of cotton.

This condition was highly criticized and condemned by the Nigerian cotton ginners. This could destroy the 100 year old industry that has significantly contributed to the GDP of the country for years. Importing cotton from other countries would jeopardize the indigenous cotton industries and lead to their extinction. This is not desirable by any means.

The president of the association has said that the Nigerian government should rather encourage deals that help and support the Nigerian cotton ginners rather than pushing them towards extinction. According to him, good investors will help the country’s cotton production to grow and flourish. He also said that such investments will prove to be helpful in uplifting the youth and provide them with employment.

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