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Pakistan’s Textile industry needs proper fund flow and marketing policy for a better exporting industry


Pakistan readymade garments manufacturers and exports association has called for implementation of new packages and policies for the exports. New revised marketing plan is essential to bring out maximum output of the GSP plus.

Sheikh Luqman Amin, respectable vice chairman puts forward appeal to finance ministry requesting not to delay funds. Previously there has been fund delaying due to sales tax and customs rebate system. This way the cash liquidity and the flow are getting disrupted.

There has already been a delay as the last year’s fund of Rs. 180 billion is still not released. Senior vice chairman of PRGMEA feels proper steps are a compulsory top remove fund hurdles which is delaying the whole export industry.

High rated fabric and textiles are facing loses due to poor condition of packaging. The poor packaging is not letting the textile industry to fetch good values. This calls for a centre which will only serve the purpose of packaging the goods and maintaining good conditions.

Luqman reports that enough support and backup is not provided by the government for which certain policies and programmes needs to be initiated. Countries like India and china are using every resource and acquired channel to gain development, whereas this association is lagging behind due to proper backup from the government.

Each sector should have separate policy, only then will the association flourish. For export the options are less, as raw materials are not available locally. This is the reason why a good line up of products is not available for exporting. Pakistani weavers are not producing the fabrics which are presently in demand.

Only way to bring in development is by not involving associations but exporters need to visit bank and appeal for help individually. Unfortunately the country finance ministry is paying no attention to develop the textile export industry.

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