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Smriti Irani Lays Emphasis on the Proper Use of Golden Fiber For Infrastructure Projects


Smriti Irani, the union textiles minister in favor of diversifications of jute products expressed her concern about the need to lay emphasis upon the golden fiber to be used for building infrastructure.

She was quoted saying in an interactive session that was organized by Indian chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, "We are the biggest producer of jute. But why would not we compete at the same level with Bangladesh? If you look at the Bangladesh business model, they have diversified jute products. On the Indian jute Industry, why would not you diversify in terms of product range as much as the Bangladesh does? The industry said the problem begins with the quality of raw jute".

This is only possible with an improvement in the quality of raw jute which will again happen with the farmers getting access to the best quality seeds. Irani added that the Jute ICARE initiative launched aims at increasing the income of the farmers. She said that a composite development within the entire supply chain is needed at the earliest.

As per Irani, the use of jute has been made previously for building roads and studies validate that the same has boosted the life duration of the roads. Also golden fiber (jute) is effective to keep away soil erosion. Offering such examples, she said that as you look at jute being put to use for making card holder or ladies bag, it is essential to lay emphasis on the same for the purpose of construction of river embankments and roads.

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