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Tamil Nadu is expected to boost up textile industry with an integrated policy


Tamil Nadu is famous for textile and knitwear products. Now the urge is provided to boost up this industry more. A comprehensive policy is undertaken whereby Tamil Nadu will progress more in the textile industry. Textile industry needs a more innovative shape up as remarked by the state officials. An integrated policy will be beneficial for Tamil Nadu.

Budget for the year 2018- 2019 is promising. It grants 12.40 billion for the textile and handloom sectors. Rs 2.27 billion are allotted for khadi and the handicraft sectors.

Chief Minister and the finance minister of Tamil Nadu states that Tamil Nadu will witness an integrated policy which would strengthen, sustain and develop handloom, power loom and the garment sectors. Details are not disclosed yet about the policy. The various sunrise sectors like the technical textile will have the major focus. Comprehensive strategy and planning will be created and put into function to develop textile exports.

Tirupur exporter association has requested to grant 8% subsidy and interest. 10% capital subsidy is granted under the TUF scheme in the state textile policy. There are various other demands like the constitutional changes in knitwear board, incentives for technical textiles, effluent treatment and dedicated power plant and tariff subsidy.

For Orissa and the Telengana states the wages are kept at only 200rs per worker while for Tamil Nadu the wages are good. This makes the garmenting units uncompetitive in market. Tamil Nadu textile policy is lagging behind where states like Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Rajasthan have done huge success from this policy. 

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