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Texas cotton plantation suffers due to early weather setbacks


Texas faces weather setbacks that disrupt the cotton yield and hampers the textile industry. Texas A and M extension state cotton specialist says that cotton plantation happens late in some of the areas, set back after the plantation, replanted in different fields and facing huge drought issues from severe to exceptional, as producers are being ready to start plantation.

Morgan says, every work is behind, and this year things are far behind compared to the previous year. This year, it is polar opposite, while last year the weather was perfect. Rio Grande valley started late than normal and received dry conditions. They are still facing drought conditions, and the current status is least moderate condition of drought.

Upper gulf coast had two different spells, which set the whole crop back and spurred the seedling diseases. Same condition was experienced in southern blacklands, where warm condition was foiled by the cold spells, which forced re-plantation. Northen blacklands has a renewed interest for cotton, which will experience a very significant acreage bump.

Very few small pockets in southern high plains and in San Angelo got some amount of rainfall. Some of the key cotton areas are expecting some rain, while west Texas needs a very good amount of rain to get back an adequate result of cotton yield.

Long and persistent drought is a huge challenge for cotton plantation, and that makes cotton plantation yield low. Cotton offers a good opportunity than various crops in the drought conditions.

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