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Textile industry should involve proper waste water management measures


Decreasing groundwater level has brought in challenges for textile industry. Water consumption for the production process needs to be decreased with proper measures and designs. Water needs to be recycled and then reused by textile industries as felt by industry leaders. Waste water management should be applied on large scale purpose for every textile industry.

On international water day, Abhishek Bansal the head sustainability of the Arvind limited brings forward an approach of sustainability.  He said, ‘Technology is at an advanced stage and such technology needs to bring out proper measures of water recycling. Water needs to be used properly by techniques of reusing and recycling. Platforms should be focused on where water sustainability measures will be showcased which can help various industries. Both medium and the small scaled industries will benefit from this water sustainability.’

Textile industries need to take up this sustainability approach and help in water conservation. Professions have remarked the importance of wastewater treatment. This platform spreads awareness and will go ahead with sustainability innovations. Waste water management involves various techniques and measures involved in production purpose. This water management should be taken up by every textile industry.

Agreeing with the same opinion, co-founder of mustang socks and accessories, renowned Lubeina Shahpurwala feels that wastewater management needs to be the primary objective. Water is the primary basis of all productions. This objective is a priority and measures need to be taken. Mutually textile enterprises need to cooperate and work to bring in betterment of water sustainability.



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