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Textile Ministry finalizes 13 Nations for Expansion of Market Share



New Delhi: The government has finalized list of 13 countries as target markets where products like handicrafts, jute, cotton, textiles and apparel can be showcased through exhibitions to increase their visibility and exports.

Chile, Egypt, Brazil, UAE, Russia, Australia, Turkey, Hong Kong, China, U.S., Italy, France and Germany are the 13 countries identified as best countries from sales and marketing point of view.

The target segments for European nations that include Germany, France, and Italy are cotton textiles and handicrafts, whereas Indian apparel will be showcased in US, and Indian cotton & carpets would be marketed in China, and other countries.

India is the second largest exporter in the world of textile and apparel with 5 percent trade share. "There exists a huge potential for India to increase its market share in various markets by aligning the product with specific market. In line with this, the Marketing Plan has been prepared to synergize various ongoing marketing initiatives while adopting specific approaches for traditional, emerging and other important markets," the ministry said.

This Integrated Marketing Plan 2017-18 received approvals by the ministry for textile and apparel sector calls for "greater union among various companies and to explore new markets through focused trade promotion activities such as B2B meetings, exhibitions, road shows, etc".

Since 2012-13, CAGR has grown by 2.6 per cent, India’s total textiles and apparel exports were estimated to be USD 39.7 billion in 2016-17. But the exports have been uniform from past two years. 

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