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Warm and fuzzy gifts for newborns by the Nifty Knitters


It surely sounds amazing. New-borns with gifts! Well that’s a first. However, these gifts are chargeable as a group of women, with their hard work and determination, make warm and cute little clothes and blankets for the young ones.

This happens in Midland Memorial Hospital. A group of women have taken up the responsibility to knit the new-borns blankets and clothes. It has gained a lot of support and thrill from the hospital authorities. Nifty Knitters have gained a huge momentum.

Nifty Knitters for the new-borns were initially a group of women who started out from The Churches of Christ and moved a long way to reach to reach its current position.

According to sources, the workers are very involved and happy. That is a good thing for any organization and the employees. The involvement and commitment of these women to their organization is enviable and praiseworthy.

These women have specialized in making booties, bibs, hats, blankets and other things for the new-borns. The intention behind this is to help the new mother feel happier. Pregnancy and child birth is a difficult process for any woman. With the help of their small and cute gifts, the Nifty Knitters aim to bring a smile to the face of the mother.

They produce almost a hundred packets every month. That is incredible! The group majorly depends on the donations and contributions made by various generous and kind hearted people. They have provided a wonderful direction to a lot of women and keep doing so.


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