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Wellness programme arranged for overall development and well-being of textile industry workers


Embroidery sector is developing in the best possible way with best modern techniques and innovations. The ministry of state for the textile industry initiates wellness programme. For good condition and situation this programme is started.  This provides relief and comfort to 45 million workers associated with textile industry.

Textile industry faces few hardships and obstacles such as technological obsolesce and various fatigued workforce. Embroidery intelligence quotient works to improve overall status of workers and working conditions.

Wellness programme was initiated by some notable names such as Ajay Tamta, ministry of state for textile industry, HKL Magu the chairman of apparel exporter’s promotion council and respectable Sudhir Dhingra chairman of orient craft limited.

Every aspect is covered under the wellness programme.  It covers working condition, nutrition, health, yoga; exercises which helps them majorly. It also provides dietary plans, systematic routine which is available at affordable rate and easy availability. It is a mere sign of gratitude and workers can avail this wellness programme for free.

Textile industry is the largest industry occupying major population workforce. Computer embroidery is its forte. With the help of computer the world knows about this wellness initiative. It will be very beneficial for the Indian textile industry to overcome the hurdles and challenges they are facing.  It is a great initiative to develop textile industry by caring for those who are actually responsible for the development.



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