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Willmar witnesses closure of a vibrant and creative textile warehouse after 54 years


WILLMAR- customers fill their shopping cart with vibrant colored fabric for upholstery project and cozy blankets. Closure of fabric warehouse in Willmar has led to a devastating condition. It is a refrain from various customers because sue Danielson announces closure if her fabric stores. The stores “world of fabric” will be immensely missed by fabric lovers.

Danielson chooses her family over business and hence the closure takes place. It is altogether a sweet yet bitter decision to close the 54 years independent business. As inventory gets depleted closure will initiate.   

Loyal and common customers are taking advantage of last minute discounts and filling in shopping carts with fabric for future use. People are stashing. It is an old fashioned fabric store catering fabric for all purpose; hence, it was so favorable. It was all under one roof. Presence of whole gamut made it unique, as whole gamut presence in market is rare. She carried on business with gratitude and honesty and believes that now it is her family that needs her time.

Apart from Willmar, Spencer and Mitchell have good collection of fabric. Danielson does the deliveries in a large van on time regularly. Daniel served with gratitude throughout and represented the store and treated every customer well. Danielson believed each customer to be creative as they with new innovation create something from a piece of fabric.

Lots of veteran hospitals were given support with fabric for bags and wheelchairs. 3,000 yards of material was provided for help. She crafted pillows for the deployed soldiers too.

She wishes to help any organization willing to do such work by providing her own fabric, design and ideas. 

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