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With best innovative ideas and strategies India is ranked 6th in MMF textile industry


Ministry of textile is focusing on man-made fibre in Surat. The focus is provided on textiles that are man-made and not the machine made ones. India should focus on natural man made textiles and try to bridge the gaps and work on the lagging. On Monday a mega event is going to be conducted, the Textiles in Karnataka. In this meet, certain measures will be discussed to develop man-made fibre in India.

The synthetic and rayon export promotion council lays emphasis on MMF sector to find out and stress on the factors leading to the backwardness of the MMF sector. This focused study will provide proper depth and give important suggestions. This will perfect shape the MMF sector and help it with development.

SRTEPC chairman, respectable Narain Aggarwal suggests that the countries with developed MMF sector needs to be studied. Only then the proper reasons of backwardness can be found out. Countries like china, Bangladesh, Vietnam needs to be studied and then it makes easy to bring in development.

This study will prove to be beneficial as it will hit the right areas that need development. Quality measures, strategies can be built upon this study. This will lead India towards the path of developed domestic and international MMF textile production.

Fortunately, today with the best strategies Indian MMF industry is meeting domestic and international standards and expectations. India is recognized as the second largest producer of polyester, viscose. India is the 6th country in terms of strong fundamentals, raw materials and potential. 

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