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Q. How did Swift International started?

When we are working on a project or when we started work on for the clients then the only thing can come into our mind that what services we are providing to our customers which after how the clients manages their relations with us?

As i have a very good remarkable working experience in exhibition industry since last 8 years i understand the key features where we can provide the good services to our customers and clients which help to keep the good relation with the clients.

In my working time period I have got several time when the customers’ needs the services at the time and we are unable to provide them the services just because the time period of taking approvals from the higher sides. When we are working for any company and we have the good clients relations and when we talked about to provide them the timely services we need to take the approvals from the higher designations people which results clients suffer the delay and its means we can loss the clients as well as the business. The client’s needs the appropriate services on time as they are paying for it if we are unable to provide them the services then he can find some other way.

For making this scenario easier The SWIFT International Company lases up for jumped in the market for providing swift, appropriate & timely services to their clients and making the clients satisfaction at the top, As we are the service providers and we have the only options to provide the services at any cost to our customer if we want the customers will remains with us for a long period of time.

Q. What were the initial business challenges?

First and foremost we are a highly experienced freight forwarding company that utilise a huge network of trusted partners and direct employees to ensure that your freight gets there on time. Behind all of our event logistics services is our commercial freight forwarding division.  Without our extensive and proven experience in commercial freight, we would not have the event shipping knowledge we have.

As a commercial freight forwarder, we can provide

  • Export or Import services by Air/Sea/Road
  • Customs Clarence
  • Door to door transportation.
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Export Packing
  • Documentation Services


We take away the hassle of exhibition transport and Customs formalities to leave the customer free to concentrate on the other important aspects of their event. With our bespoke and easy to use on-line ordering system, one order covers your entire logistics needs for your exhibition. No matter where you are exhibiting and whether your exhibit is large or small, Swift International will take the very best care of both you and your exhibits on time. In areas that we need to partner with agents, we ensure all agents are hand-picked and companies that we have worked with in the past with proven performance.

We will also update customers step by step over telephone, email or SMS to the location of their exhibits at key stages and its helps customers to take rest easy knowing that he will be in the safe hands and they don’t have to be chasing information the entire time.

Q. In your experience, what is the key to developing a good logistics team?

As now i am provide services in the fairs and exhibitions industry since couple of years through total logistics support, the key feature to developing a good logistics team that is our knowledge & commitments and believe between the team. Without that we can’t handle the business and it will result the loss of business and image. When we are doing commitments to any of our clients it means no matters how you will do the thing you should complete your commitments as the clients will take the things in his mind and it will help us in future.

“According to me a happy client is everything for us if we are running a business and it’s hard to make the clients happy but it’s possible”  and it is called struggle to how you make your promises, your commitments and your believe of a customer in you. At swift International each team member is giving his 100% to make the customer happy and his believe on us.

Q. Describe the current logistics and supply chain trends prevalent in India and abroad.

As we all know India is a growing power now in many sectors through the make in India process and its sparking in the international market as a diamond or we also can say that India is the new power who is producing diamonds in several sectors in the International market. If we talked about the supply chain in India they we can say that now wards the growth of export from India to abroad is quite impressive now we are manufacturing best products and doing export them from India. The supply as per the demand is highly impressive now and it’s all related with the manufacturing.

Now many known company’s belongs from abroad are interested and targeting India manufacturers for making their business more profitable in India and Indian manufacturing playing a very important role in Indian economy which helps India to be more popular in all over the globe.We are producing maximum products herein india and its results increased chain of supply over india and all over the globe, even now india is outsourcing their services all over the globe.   

Q. What are the future plans of Swift International?

The future plans for swift international is to maintain the relations with the clients and provide them the timely services and maintain the positivity in to the work through the professionalism. The client satisfaction is foremost for the any business and these are the basis mantra for business. Swift International taking their services to the next level which helps direct to customers so he will not go to anywhere else.